Using E-Property Sites to Boost Your Sellers Confidence

EPropertySites Listing Presentation

  1. Drive by the property and take photographs of the neighborhood and exterior pictures of the home.
  2. Put up a basic Property Website outlining the various features of the listing.
  3. Edit the site and tools like a “Text to Voice” voice over to show how you will showcase the listing.
  4. Text yourself the property code to 79564 so it is on your phone already at the presentation.
  5. Order a Sign Rider to really WOW the sellers. You can have a generic one you use on all presentations or you can decide to make one before each listing appointment to show the Sellers that you are already going above and beyond, even before you have the listing. (Some Agents call this listing insurance).
  6. Print up brochures of the home from the Single Property Website.
  7. Print one sheet of Business card stickers (hint: If you put in 1 for price it will make the price say “Call For Price”, you can do this until price is determined. Make sure you change it once you have the listing and Activate the property.
  8. Know the URL to your Listing Appointment “Flip Show”…even email it to the Sellers before hand if you like.
  9. Show up to the home and have the Sellers give you a tour of their property.
  10. If you don’t have a laptop, notice where they keep their computer.
  11. After the tour ask them if you can start by showing them something on their Computer or your Laptop.
  12. Explain that you understand that the appointment isn’t about you as much as it is about their home and explain what you are going to do to help showcase their home to the world, negotiate the contract and make for a pain free sale.
  13. Bring up the “Flip Show” URL (i.e.; :it is just the address or website key (dot)
  14. As you flip the pages of the digital book, click on the “See Sample” buttons and show all of the features of your marketing, the property website, two Virtual Tours, Mobile technology with text message call capture, full color sign riders, posting to classified ads…etc.
  15. Explainthatyouarecreatingaseriesof”Commercials”forthepropertyrooted in the Property Website, Slide Virtual Tour, Panoramic Virtual Tour and Mobile Technology that help consumers locally or from all over the world access detailed data to see if they might have interest in viewing or knowing more about the home.
  16. When on each feature, talk about how you are going to put the URLs and text code different places to maximize exposure to their home (i.e.; Multiple Classifieds, on signs, postcards, emails, print ads, in MLS,…etc.).
  17. Show them a sign rider and the brochures and how that will help purchasers driving the neighborhood (60+% of buyers said they drove by the home first)
  18. Text for information (or already have it on your phone) and show the information that is returned, how your number is captured and the Mobile Phone Website…all that allow consumers to access the property information and pictures on the go.
  19. Take your business cards with the stickers on the back that have the URL and information of actual listing you are sitting in. Give the Sellers some to remember you by.
  20. After you are done, go into your traditional listing presentation and CMA.

(Hint: A wonderful technique in both pricing a home and building rapport is to take the sellers to 1-3 homes near theirs that are for sale. Setup a preview before the listing appointment. After you show them some of what you are going to do for them, ask them before you talk price to take a ride or follow you to a couple of homes near theirs. When they are standing in the homes that purchasers will see before they consider theirs, it will make it very easy for them to know if listing their home at this time is reasonable as they will not be able to be in denial about pricing. Ask them, compared to the homes you have seen, what price would make you buy yours first. Usually Sellers will under price their home and now you have the joy of telling them how you actually think they can get more.)

About Greg Schamp

After spending 25 years in the Luxury Automotive business, the last 11 of which were with Cadillac, it was time to take my business background and put it to work in Real Estate. I have a unique understanding of the sales process and can help buyers and sellers negotiate for a win-win solution. If you are looking for a proven, solution oriented business person, not just a realtor, then you have come to the right place. My ability to find unique solutions for marketing, targeting buyers, managing multiple clients while making each one a priority is a skill few posess. You can count on me to make sure your needs are met and communication lines are open and easy to navigate. I look forward to working with you and showing you that my team of professionals and I are "Serious About Your Success".
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